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Site Location and position of your mini golf site

Location location location! There is nothing that has priority or is more important than the location of your site. Does your business plan work with a particular site?

Advice on the design and general layout of mini golf course including theme etc

There are endless things to think of in this area. What is your target market and demographic? Knowing this will lead to your desired ticket price per round which leads to how elaborate the course should be including the capital necessary for the course build.

Layout of the mini golf sales and office area

You would be amazed how easy it is to get this wrong and without foreknowledge of the pitfalls, you can find out too late what mistakes have been made.

Bear in mind that all customers have to be attended to twice, both at the initial sales transaction and the return of the clubs and the claiming of free tickets won on the finishing hole.

You need storage for clubs, balls, scorecards, pencils, literature. You need a till, security cameras & monitor, p.a. system, intercom, access to burglar and fire alarms, secure cash storage (and spare change), credit card facilities and phones. You need to be able to serve out quantities of clubs, balls etc, including to very young/small people – and accept them back (maybe at the same time). You need to be particularly mindful of security. You need to be able to do this efficiently with one person at quiet times but have space for two staff to share the load at busy times.

Safes & banking/Secure cashing up areas. Office space.

Till. More than just a device to take money. Modern EPOS tills provide a wealth of management information and security levels and controls.

Security cameras. You almost certainly will need these so that your staff can see those ‘out of sight’ areas. They therefore will need a monitor and probably a p.a. system and intercom to act on what they see.

Mini Golf Signs & Notices

You will need signs for prices, rules, directions and Health and Safety issues.

adventure golf course in Crotia, Europe

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