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Evaluation & Analysis to maximise Profit

After the initial opening frenzy has subsided, it is important to set in place those all important procedures that keep things running smoothly and profitably.

Adventure and Mini Golf Business patterns evaluation.

Mini Golf Promotions to fill the quieter times – corporate events/birthday parties etc.

Maximising Mini Golf income at the busy times

- Smooth running, no delays or bottlenecks on the courses

- Evaluation of reception and sales procedures.
- Are we still splitting players into groups of 4 or less? Is club sharing happening?
- Is there a problem hole/area? Are rounds taking the time that was projected?
- A 10% increase in play time is a 10% reduction in the till. If there’s a problem here, what is it and how to rectify it?

Cleaning procedures.

- Is there a system in place? Is it good enough and is it being adhered to?

Toilets? Cleaning and inspections.

Staff appraisals/targets/incentives/ongoing training.

Daily course inspections.

Rather than trust to your manager and staff that all this and more will be covered by ‘common sense’ – which it may well be, we advise checklists and documentation that can be signed off when complete. These highlight to insurers (in the event of a problem) that procedures were not only in place but being followed.

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